A word from our Chairman

A word from our Chairman

Welcome to our website, which for some of you may be the first point of contact with us.

Suez Holdings is an independent company that is absolutely committed to taking a long term view and building our business on great relationships. I believe this approach is what our stakeholders demand and truly makes us stand out from the crowd.

Since its inception in the early 1980s, our Group has worked hard to establish a unique and integrated regional presence in Africa. This region is our home. Our people reflect the cultures, histories and capabilities that exist here. We believe we have a part to play in looking after our home, this principle turns into action through how we treat our staff and our environment and through our community outreach work.

We operate today on a world-class infrastructure that allows us to leverage economies of scale and act nimbly on real-time information, to the benefit of both our customers and our technology partners.

Our strength also lies in our wide ranging expertise, our commitment to customer service and our belief in working with our communities and stakeholders to balance meeting the needs of today’s economies in transition – delivering housing, infrastructure and industrial projects – with the concerns and priorities of a modern society. As a company we are enduring and I believe that this is based on the fact that we strive to always deliver on our promises. This makes us a proactive and trusted partner.

Shiv Shankaran Nair
Chairman Emeritus